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Penang Panthers reveal how they emerged champions at the Sepak Takraw League

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The Penang Black Panthers team emerged as champions of the Sepak Takraw League (STL) after defeating Kuala Lumpur Thunder 2-0 at the finals.

The finals took place at the Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Serdang Jaya.The Panthers also bagged the RM 40,000 cash prize as champions.

Sepak takraw team coach Helmi Ismail reveal that they often looked to teams like Thailand and South Korea to work on their skills and tactics, which led them to success.

“I used everything I learned from observing the teams play when I visited their respective countries. I compare them with our national team to see what we’re lacking and what we can improve on.”

“Apart from that, I also want to know their weakness and use it to our advantage. I also look to senior sepak takraw players in Malaysia for guidance and input.”

“I always look at what the others are not doing that we can do, to improve our game.” he added.

Coach Helmi Ismail also led our national sepak takraw team to win silver at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. He is also known to have a magic touch, as the Penang Black Panthers did not have much luck with tournaments before he arrived.

Sepak Takraw

Malaysian sepak takraw players suspended for failing to take doping test

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Uh oh, looks like our national speak takraw team is in hot water.

The National Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed that six sepak takraw players and three officials have been suspended by the International Sepak Takraw Federation, after refusing to take a doping test.

They were supposed to submit their urine samples for the doping test during a tournament in Bangkok last month, but failed to do so. The suspension came after the officials also refused to cooperate with the assigned members of the International Sepak Takraw Federation.

The team and officials now have 14 days to make an appeal.

Under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), refusing or failing to submit to drug testing is a serious offence. Based on WADA regulations, this offence is punishable by either a maximum four-year suspension.

Sepak Takraw

VIDEO: Malaysian GP winner Daniel Ricciardo tries sepak takraw for the first time!


It’s been an emotional weekend for Daniel Ricciardo as he clinched his first victory in over two years after winning the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday evening.

The Red Bull Racing driver finished ahead of his teammate Max Verstappen as well as Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg, who were second and third, respectively.

But the highlight of his Malaysian trip wouldn’t necessarily only feature his feats on the Sepang track, as the Australian racer also tried ‘sepak takraw’ for the first time, a few days back!

Sepak takraw is a sport that’s hugely popular in Southeast Asia and it’s played like volleyball, to a certain extent. Players are only allowed to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball, which is made out of rattan.

Ricciardo and Max Verstappen both met the Malaysian national sepak takraw team and they had an interesting bout, as you’ll be able to see in the video below!

Sepak Takraw

Legenda Sepak Takraw negara meninggal dunia akibat kanser


Legenda sepak takraw negara Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor meninggal dunia disebabkan kanser hati dan tulang awal pagi semalam. Dia berumur 71 tahun.

Abdul Rahman meninggal dunia di samping isterinya, Wan Rodziah Wan Ismail dan anaknya, Azlan pada pukul 10.40 pagi semalam di Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah.

Azlan berkata bapanya dimasukkan ke hospital swasta pada 14 September kerana tidak sihat dan kemudiannya dikesan menghidap kanser hati dan tulang peringkat keempat.

Abdul Rahman kemudiannya dimasukkan ke HSB kelmarin selepas kesihatannya merosot.

“Arwah ayah saya didiagnos mempunyai kanser prostat tiga tahun lalu tetapi dia kembali pulih dan menjalani hidup sihat dengan bermain golf,” katanya ketika ditemui di kediamannya di Taman Seri Manis, semalam.

Azlan berterima kasih kepada Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet (YAKEB) kerana perhatian dan bantuan kewangan mereka.

Abdul Rahman, yang bermain sebagai tekong, mengetuai pasukan sepak takraw Malaysia merangkul pingat emas di Sukan Asia Tenggara (SEAP) Kuala Lumpur pada tahun 1965.

Arwah juga merupakan seorang jurulatih yang dihormati kerana melatih pemain kebangsaan seperti pemain legenda Adnan Saidin.

Rakan seperjuangannya, Khalid Bakar, 69, berkata Malaysia kehilangan seorang legenda sepak takraw yang sukar diganti.

“Kami bermain bersama dalam pasukan Kedah yang memenangi tiga trofi, Piala Tun Razak, Piala Emas Khir Johari dan Piala Tunku Abdul Rahman pada tahun 1969.

Sepak Takraw

Format baru akan diperkenal dalam Liga Sepak Takraw 2016

Sepak takraw league

Format baru akan diperkenal dalam Liga Sepak Takraw 2016 di mana setiap pasukan akan berdepan dengan lawan sebanyak dua kali.

Menurut Presiden Persatuan Sepak Takraw Malaysia (PSM), Datuk Ahmad Ismail, hanya 14 perlawanan akan berlangsung pada musim ini bagi memastikan saingan lebih kompetetif.

Selain itu, beliau turut berkata, STL 2016 yang akan bermula pada 23 September hingga 11 Disember, akan disertai lapan pasukan bagi Divisyen Perdana dan 12 pasukan dalam Divisyen Satu.

“PSM sebagai sebuah badan induk, kami rasa tidak adil hanya lapan negeri ambil bahagian dalam STL. Kita buat konsep regu supaya dapat 20 regu menyertainya.

“Lapan pasukan dalam Divisyen Perdana dan 12 pasukan lagi dalam Divisyen Satu. Ini boleh membawa sukan sepak takraw ke tahap yang lebih profesional,” ujar beliau.

Beliau turut menambah bahawa pemain kebangsaan yang kini berada dalam Program Podium juga dibenarkan untuk memilih sama ada mahu bermain untuk negeri ataupun kelab.

“STL juga adalah kejohana persediaan untuk skuad kita ke Sukan SEA. Kita pastinya harapkan bakat-bakat baru dapat dicungkil menjelang Sukan SEA 2017,” ujar beliau.

Ahmad turut berkata PSM belum bersedia untuk menggunakan khidmat pemain asing dalam saingan STL dan menafikan dakwaan skuad kebangsaan kurang menyertai kejohanan.

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Malaysia handed semi-final exit in Asian Sepaktakraw Championship


The national team ended their 2nd Asian Sepaktakraw Championships 2016 in third place after falling at the hands of host Korea A 17-21, 17-21 in the semi-final of the tournament. Korea A went on to beat favourites Thailand in the final to successfully retain their title.

The line-up of Sahidan Ali, Muhamad Nazmi Najib, Mohd Safarudin Abu Bakar, Muhammad Afifuddin Razali and Norshahruddin Ghani was no match at all against the Koreans.

Their defeat meant that they finished in third place alongside China.

Rosli Ab Rahman’s men was on fire when they defeated India 21-10, 21-4 in the last group stage match to book a place for the semi-final of the Asian Sepaktakraw Championship.

The national women’s team suffered the same fate as the men’s team after losing to Thailand 21-9, 21-5 in the last-four of the second annual tournament.

Sepak Takraw

SepakTakraw League: Gomo Warriors hoping to claim Panthers’ scalp


After a stunning turnaround – a four-game winning streak on the back of a three-game losing streak, Gomo Warriors now find themselves in the semi-finals of the SepakTakraw League (STL) 2015.

And they have no intention of losing their momentum, going into the knockout stage of STL at the Sports Arena Sentosa in Petaling Jaya.

However, the Kelantan outfit will have to overcome an uphill task against Penang’s Black Panthers on Dec 12.

Gomo Warriors head coach, Baharil Anuar, is confident of their chances to progress to the final.

“It has been our main target from the very beginning to qualify for the semi-finals. But the slow start to our STL campaign dampened the players’ confidence and the mood,” Baharil said.

“We had to go back to the drawing board and look into certain areas of improvement such as the quality of our services while also trying out different combinations,” said Baharil, adding that all the hard work put in by the players eventually dividends.

Gomo Warriors winning streak began by defeating City Flyers followed by triumphs over Northern Rangers, Southern Tigris and Green Titans. Their qualification to semi-final was confirmed on the last day of STL preliminary round after East Coast Surfers failed to beat Black Panthers – a result they were hoping for.

Baharil admitted that the current mood in Gomo Warriors camp is encouraging as they strive to become the first team to defeat Black Panthers.

“Though they are a strong team, we want to be the first team to stop Black Panthers. If the players play to strategies diligently we are capable of defeating just about any team in STL” he said.

The defeat against East Coast Surfers in the early stages of the group rounds forced Baharil to chop and change his combinations, especially for the side’s third regu.

His decision to replace the vastly experienced tekong, Normanizam Ahmad proved to be a good move as Khairul Hisyam developed a good chemistry with teammates Aidil Azman Azwawi and Wan Naim Azmi.

Interestingly enough ever since Baharil made that change, Gomo Warriors won all of their third regu matches. Instead, the consistency displayed by Khairul, Aidil and Wan Naim has been vital in securing a point for the Kelantan outfit in each of the match they played in together.

“The main thing is for us to keep our focus and to not give up so easily. We need to maintain our consistency and keep our heads down,” said Wan Naim.

“Our players will have to be 100 per cent ready because at any given time, any player can be called upon to play, depending on the coaches’ tactics,” added Wan Naim.

Gomo Warriors will hope to go one better as they only managed to finish runners-up in the National Grand Prix (NGP) 2015 tournament in October.

They will be looking for inspiration in the form of their first regu combination of Hisham Mat, Malek Faqimi Idris and Yusry Yusof along with their national players Farhan Adam, Idham Sulaiman and Afifudin Razali, all of whom were involved in the NGP as well.

Match Fixtures:

Saturday (12/12/2015):
Semi-final 1: Black Panthers vs Gomo Warriors (12noon)
Semi-final 2: City Flyers vs Armed Forces (4pm)

Sunday (13/12/2015):
3rd-4th placing: Loser of Semi-final 1 vs Loser of Semi-final 2 (12noon)
Final: Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2 (4pm)

Sepak Takraw

National sepak takraw legend Abdul Jalil Aziz passes away aged 66


National sepak takraw legend, Abdul Jalil Aziz, who dominated the scenes of the sport during the 70s, passed away yesterday at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) due to internal bleeding in the bowels.

The 66 year-old Abdul Jalil stopped breathing at approximately 6.30am, after two weeks of prolonged treatment due to his critical condition – which has been plaguing him since July.

Abdul Jalil started representing the nation in 1970 and proved his brilliance when he inspired Malaysia to clinch the gold medal in four different SEA Games tournament – 1971 edition in Kuala Lumpur, 1973 in Singapore, 1975 in Bangkok and 1977 in Kuala Lumpur again.

He also led the team towards winning the 1980 Asian Sepaktakraw Tournament in Kuala Lumpur and proceeded to clinch the MAYC Malaysia Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein’s Challenge Trophy in 1976. In 1975, he was crowned Negri Sembilan Sportsman of the Year.

Sepak Takraw

120 players set to feature in SepakTakraw League Malaysia


Filtered through a comprehensive selection process, 120 players will light up the 2015 SepakTakraw League Malaysia (STL Malaysia) starting on Oct 10 at the Sports Arena in Petaling Jaya.

A strategic partnership between Persatuan Sepaktakraw Malaysian (PSM) and Singapore-based Asia Sports Ventures (ASV), SepakTakraw League Malaysia will see a battle between eight teams competing in league format fixtures from next Saturday until Nov 22.

The semi-finals will be held on Dec 12 and final the following day.

Penang’s Black Panthers, City Flyers (Kuala Lumpur), Southern Tigris (Johor), East Coast Surfers (Terengganu), Northern Rangers (Kedah), Green Titans (Malacca), Gomo Warriors (Kelantan) and Armed Forces will take centre stage in the 12-week long league.

PSM President, Dato’ Haji Ahmad Ismail, disclosed that 105 out of 144 players registered had attended a special selection process held over four days from 1 September, 2015 at the Paroi Sports Complex near Seremban. It was conducted by former national coach Jamaluddin Hasan.

However, only 40 players made the grade to compete in STLM from the selection process while 80 others are state-based players who qualified from the PSM Grand Prix.

“The players were merely involved in test matches in Paroi to extract the best combinations that were than divided into teams to compete against each other. I am positive STLM will produce a wider pool of talented players at the base,” said Dato’ Ahmad Ismail.

The STLM, added Dato’ Ahmad Ismail, is a concerted efforts between PSM and ASV aimed at focussing in developing a team capable of winning gold at the 2017 Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asian Games (SEA).

Each team will consist of three regus (five players in each regu), bringing the total number of players involved in STLM to 120 players of which 24 are current national players and trainees.

However, these 24 national players will only be eligible to play in the second regu only (three national players and two from pool) to ensure they stay competitive and the competition is promoted on a level-playing field.

At stake is the winner’s purse of RM40,000 while RM20,000 goes to the second-placed team followed by RM10,000 (third) and RM5,000 to the team that finishes fourth.
Nishant Sehgal, General Manager & Head of Business Asia Sports Ventures, said: “This collaboration between ASV and PSM aims to take sepaktakraw in Malaysia to new heights from every possible angle, from attracting larger audiences to generating sponsorships for the sport.”

“We are continuing our efforts by riding on this popularity to bring sepaktakraw to a wider audience. ASV has set goals and with this kind of support we hope to achieve our targets alongside PSM,” added Nishant.

Nishant added that STL matches will be telecast live over 12 weeks from 4pm-7pm (Saturday) and 4pm-7pm (Sunday) with total of 36 hours broadcasting time.