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Our main focus? Winning gold at the KL SEA Games – national hockey coach Stephen Van Huizen

Malaysian men’s hockey team have got themselves a packed schedule starting next month.

Aside from the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games next month, the men’s hockey team will be training hard for three upcoming tournaments — the Asia Cup in October, the 2018 World Cup, and the Commonwealth Games next year.

Head coach Stephen Van Huizen promises that the hockey squad won’t go easy at the Asia Cup tournament, even though they have already qualified for the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup set to take place in Bhubaneswar, India next year.

Malaysia qualified for the 2018 World Cup after outclassing India in a 3-2 win in the quarter-final match at the Hockey World League Semifinal Round in June.

According to men’s hockey national coach Stephen Van Huizen, the hockey squad will still go all out in the Asia Cup bout in Dhaka, since it will help to boost their rankings.

“We take every tournament seriously. The Asia Cup is just as important as any other tournament, because it gives us the chance to earn points to boost our world ranking.” the coach explained to HMetro.

“The only difference is that there will be lesser pressure on us, since we have already qualified for the crucial tournament, which is the 2018 World Cup in India.” he added.

Aside from Malaysia, other countries that will be competing in the Asia Cup are hosts Bangladesh, India, Japan, South Korea, Oman, and China.

“However, I will be rotating the players for the Asia Cup. I might bring with me a different set of players because it’s not compulsory for us to win to advance into the world cup.”

According to the head coach, the squad’s main priority at the moment is to win gold at the SEA Games, which is happening in less than 30 days.

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#KL2017: Please don’t hold jumping events in the afternoon, pleads R. Kirthana

National triple jumper R. Kirthana easily excelled at the 94th Malaysian Open Athletics Championship yesterday.

The 20-year-old clinched first place and bagged gold with her jump of 13.18 metres at the tournament held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Most people would be happy and complacent once that gold medal is hanging around their neck, but not Kirthana.

She was not only unhappy, she was in fact disappointed that she did not surpass her personal best of 13.48 metres which she recorded at the G. Kosanov Memorial Tournament in Kazakhstan last month.

Aside from the scorching sun, Kirthana felt that the poor turnout at the tournament did not pose enough challenge for her to perform at her usual best. According to Bernama, only five athletes competed in the triple jump.

“The weather was too hot and we became tired very fast. The jumping events are not suitable to be held under hot sun.” Bernama quoted R.Kirthana as saying.

“Besides the heat, my main rivals in the SEA Games from Vietnam and Thailand are not here. Only the jumpers from Indonesia and Laos participated. I have to push harder to do better in the SEA Games.”

“The lack of challenge due to lower number of participants in the event is another reason for the poor performance.” she added.

However, Kirthana is looking to make amends for her “poor performance” yesterday at the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games.

She is determined to exceed the 13.70 mark in order to clinch gold at the most-anticipated sporting event this year.

“I will try to win a medal in the long jump in the SEA Games — although my favourite event is the triple jump.” R. Kirthana said.

“And I hope for the SEA Games, the jumping events are not held in the afternoon. Holding them in the morning and late evening is better as it will not be so hot.” she added.

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KL2017: Waterskier Aaliyah Yoong plans to dominate the watersports events

At only 14 years of age, Aaliyah Yoong Hanifah is already out making waves as Malaysia’s prominent national waterskier.

Aaliyah, who made the top 20 world ranking for the Under-17 category in the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) last year, is determined to bag two gold medals at the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games in August.

Her confidence is backed by her hard work and experience; Aaliyah successfully bagged two gold medals at the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, and she has been diligently training hard in Florida.

“I spent seven weeks training in Florida, and I think the training has really helped to improve my performance.” Aaliyah told BHarian.

“I have been working hard on my jump technique. I feel more confident now for the jump and slalom events. I have also achieved new personal bests in both.” said the 14-year-old, who is aiming to bag nothing less than gold in the trick and overall women’s event.

Aaliyah admits that she has come a long way since winning her first gold in Palembang in 2011, especially since she didn’t have her expectations up at that time.

She was only 8 at the time, and was not aware of the degree of her success. She also became Asia’s 3rd ranked women trick skier that same year.

Now that she’s a consistent gold medalist, she feels more pressure to perform well, which is why she’s thankful that Malaysia is hosting the SEA Games.

“I think the fact that I’ll be competing at home takes away a bit of pressure. I’ll do my best.”

“There’s still a lot of time before the Games and a lot more training to be done. It’s important that I pace myself well and peak when it matters.” The Star quoted her as saying.

The 2017 KL SEA Games will be happening from 19th August until 31st August. Get your tickets here. 

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Khairy unveils 2017 KL SEA Games app for Android & iOS

In efforts to make the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games accessible to all, Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin launched the KL SEA Games app earlier today.

The app, available on both Android and iOS, is part of the KL 2017’s digital platforms leading up to the games.

“The KL 2017 website is our main digital asset with 4 main thrusts. Registration platform, sales (tickets & mernchandise), information and news.” the minister explained.

“We’ve also got other social media assets, like the KL 2017 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Do check them out.”

“With the app, you can have direct access to the live scores. Follow Malaysia as they win medal after medal after medal. You will also get an up-to-date schedule, latest news, city guide, and more.” the minister added.

Along with the app, the minister went on to unveil a ground-breaking feature that you will only see at the 2017 KL SEA Games.

“I’ve got something special to show you. This has never been done at the SEA Games level, or even the Olympics level.” the minister said, as he introduced the Augmented Reality Rimau (ARR).

With the ARR, when you scan markers at venues, a 3-D icon comes up, where you can find out live scores, medal tally, and more.

The 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games will take place from 19th August until 31st August. Visit KL 2017 for more information.

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Malaysian sprint king ready for ‘David vs Goliath’ battle at SEA Games


There’s a renewed sense of excitement within the Malaysian track and field contingent ahead of the KL SEA Games this year, and it’s due in no small part to the presence of local sprinter Khairul Hafiz.

Having shattered Watson Nyambek’s national 100m record just over year ago, Khairul went on a bit of a dry spell, though his recent resurgence culminated in a triumph at the Thailand Open Track and Field Championships last month.

But things are bound to get trickier when the SEA Games gets underway, as reigning 100m gold medalist, Eric Cray, has confirmed his participation. And while Khairul recognizes that the Filipino sprinter will be the favourite to win again, he is determined to spring a surprise at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

“I admit it will be a close battle because the previous winner will be competing this year as well. But I’ll be doing everything in my power to make my beloved country proud,” he told Arena Metro.

“Even my coach [Mohd Poad] consistently reminds me to not let fear take over my head. At  the end of the day, all of us have emotions. The only thing that will differentiate us is our mental strength,” he added.

To better prepare himself for the SEA Games, Khairul Hafiz will be competing at the Asian Track and Field Championships in Bhubaneswar, India this week, where he is likely to face tougher competitors from sprinters outside Southeast Asia.

“As far as India is concerned, I have my own mission. I want to improve my recent timings and going up against sprinters from Thailand and China will help me push harder,” he added.

The SEA Games will officially get underway on the 19th of August, and tickets are now officially on sale, as per the story attached below.

2017 KL SEA Games tickets are officially on sale!


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Felicia Mikat azam perbaiki catatan masa dan raih pingat di Sukan Para Asean

Felicia Mikat

Pada tahun 2015, kecoh di media sosial mengenai seorang atlet Para negara yang memenangi pingat tetapi tidak mendapat sambutan meriah ketika pulang dari kejohanan Sukan Para Asean.

Namun, perkara tersebut telah dinafikan oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Khairy Jamaluddin yang menyatakan bahawa atlet tersebut disambut oleh pegawai-pegawai sukan Sabah.

Namun, segalanya berubah selepas Malaysia meraih tiga pingat emas di Sukan Paralimpik Rio pada tahun lalu. Rakyat Malaysia sudah mula mengambil tahu dan menyokong atlet Para negara.

Atlet yang menjadi sebutan di laman sosial pada tahun 2015 itu bakal beraksi lagi di Sukan Para Asean yang akan berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur dan dia mengharapkan agar rakyat Malaysia akan turun ke stadium menyokong semua atlet Malaysia.

Felicia Mikat, pemenang pingat emas Sukan Para Asean 2015 dalam acara 100m, 200m dan 400m wanita bagi kategori T13 (masalah penglihatan) berazam untuk menujukkan aksi terbaik buat rakyat Malaysia.

“Tahun ini sasaran saya adalah untuk perbaiki catatan masa. Bagi saya kalau dapat pingat itu bonus. Sukan Para Asean yang sebelum ini adalah yang pertama buat saya dan ini kali kedua saya menyertainya,” kata Felicia baru-baru ini.

Selain itu, Felicia juga menyatakan bahawa semua persiapannya untuk beraksi di Sukan Para Asean pada bulan September nanti berjalan lancar.

“Semua persiapan setakat ni baik. Latihan juga baik. Bagi saya, semuanya berjalan lancar.”

Pastinya rakyat Malaysia mampu memberikan sokongan padu kepada semua atlet sama ada yang beraksi di Sukan SEA atau Sukan Para Asean nanti. Sokongan padu ini akan membantu memberikan semangat dan motivasi kepada semua atlet untuk meraih sebanyak mungkin pingat emas dan mengharumkan nama negara.

Sukan Para Asean yang kesembilan akan berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur pada 17 hingga 23 September nanti.

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2017 KL SEA Games tickets are officially on sale!

For all of you who have been patiently waiting, the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games will go on sale starting today, 4th of July.

A total of 19 sports events will require paid tickets, including the opening and closing ceremony of the SEA Games.

According to Youth and Sports minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, tickets can be purchased during the SEA Games through ticketing kiosks at the match venues. Payment can be made via cash, debit card or credit card.

If you’d rather get your tickets earlier, you can either opt for online purchase, or get them at selected outlets which will be announced at a later date.

Tickets for the events are as low as RM 20 for a number of sports, so hurry and get your tickets before they run out!

Click here to buy your 2017 KL SEA Games tickets.

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Jonathan Nyepa determined to book a spot in the 2017 SEA Games

National sprinter Jonathan Nyepa garnered nationwide attention yesterday after he finished second at the 100m final at the Korea Open Athletics Championships in Jeongseon.

Jonathan, who was initially trained by sprinting legend Watson Nyambek, finished with a record time of 10.28 s, just behind Korea’s Kim Kok Young who clocked 10.07s to emerge champion.

Jonathan’s time of 10.28s makes him the second fastest sprinter in Malaysia.

Khairul Hafiz Jantan, who made history by breaking Watson Nyambek’s 18-year-old record of 10.30s, is Malaysia’s fastest sprinter with his record of 10.18s.

The 21-year-old is now shifting his focus to the biggest sporting event in Malaysia this year, the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games.

After his impressive feat, Jonathan is hoping that the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) will select him for the 100m sprint event at the 2017 KL SEA Games.

“All Malaysian sprinters are working hard to be in the list for the individual events. Based on my time at the Korean Open Athletics Championship, I am in second place behind Khairul Hafiz.” Jonathan told Bernama upon returning from South Korea.

Photo: Bernama

“I did not expect to record a time of below 10.30s. However, the success in Korea was not the peak. I want to reach the peak at the SEA Games.” Jonathan added.

Jonathan is targeting the 100m and 4x100m events at the 2017 KL SEA Games.


“Actually, I did not expect to record my best time at the championship. It was very competitive. The Korean Olympic athlete, Kim, qualified for the World Athletics Championship.”

Jonathan will be participating in a few other tournaments leading up to the SEA Games, including the Asian Track and Field (ATF) Championship in India.