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20,000 pelari mengikut rentak The Music Run by AIA Vitality!

Music Runners™ getting ready to run through the 5km Sound Track with Myrna Geronimo, CFO of Petron Malaysia in the middle

Seramai 20,000 individu bergembira dengan rentak terbaru di The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality edisi keempat di KL Sports City semalam. Daripada pelari berpengalaman mahupun baru, atmosfera acara penuh bertenaga dapat dirasai sehingga peserta menari menuju ke garisan penamat. Trek larian juga dipertingkatkan pada tahun ini dengan penambahan laluan 10 km dengan catatan masa bagi Music Runner yang mahu mencabar tahap kecergasan mereka ke tahap yang lebih tinggi.

Acara larian yang dimulakan pada pukul 3.30 petang itu berakhir dengan penuh jaya menerusi penganjuran Festival Muzik yang lengkap dengan pelbagai hiburan dan aktiviti menyeronokkan di Perkampungan Muzik. Selain lokasi baharu bagi acara berkenaan, para peserta The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality juga merasai pengalaman baharu pada laluan larian – The Sound Track – yang turut merangkumi Zon Inspo serba baharu yang menggantikan lima zon muzik daripada penganjuran tahun lalu. Pelari juga menikmati senarai lagu yang direka khas oleh Joox untuk memberi inspirasai dan motivasi sepanjang larian mereka. Dengan pembesar suara dipasang pada setiap 50m yang menyiarkan 150,000 watts lagu-lagu bertema larian yang terbaik, para pelari juga berpeluang merasai pengalaman kecergasan yang berbeza.

The Music Run™ berbesar hati untuk meneruskan kerjasama dengan penaja penyampai, AIA Malaysia. Eric Chang, Ketua Pegawai Pemasaran AIA Bhd. berkata, “Di bawah jenama AIA Vitality, sekali lagi kami amat berbangga untuk berganding tenaga dengan The Music Run™. Misi kami adalah untuk membantu masyarakat hidup dengan lebih baik, lama dan sihat, malah The Music Run™ merupakan kaedah terbaik untuk menunjukkan bahawa senaman juga menyeronokkan kepada rakyat di negara ini. Tanpa mengira sama ada peserta berjalan, berlari mahupun menari di sepanjang trek – setiap tapak adalah penting dalam membentuk perubahan positif dalam kehidupan mereka.”

Martin Capstick, Pengasas Bersama & Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Exceed Sports and Entertainment, penganjur acara berkenaan berkata, “Pada tahun ini, para peserta memulakan larian mereka di kompleks kesukanan bertaraf dunia yang diperbaharui, KL Sports City, sementara menikmati pengalaman muzik serba baharu, berbeza daripada penganjuran pada tahun-tahun sebelum.”

Beliau menambah, “Kami amat berterima kasih kepada kesemua peserta yang menyertai acara dan maklum balas positif yang diterima pada tahun ini. Kejayaan memperkenalkan trek larian sejauh 10km juga telah membuktikan kepada kami bahawa rakyat Malaysia mengambil serius terhadap tahap kecergasan diri mereka. Kami amat gembira untuk mendapat sokongan AIA Vitality dalam membawakan kembali rentak menyeronokkan ini dan bersama-sama, kami berharap untuk memberi inspirasi kepada lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia untuk menjalani gaya hidup yang sihat. Kami berharap untuk terus membawa The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality di Malaysia ke peringkat lebih tinggi pada tahun-tahun akan datang.”

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Monster iSport Victory Review: Your ultimate workout earphones


Let’s face it. There are a few things you look for when it comes to finding the perfect earphones for your workout, travel and leisure goals. Durability comes into the picture, alongside external aesthetics, sound quality, and technological features that make the entire process of listening to music a transcendental one. The primary requirement though, is always, and has always been comfort.

So we recently put Monster’s premier wireless headphones – iSport Victory – to test and we were left relatively impressed by the entire package, including the price.


The design is sporty, with deft touches of familiarity in the form of fins on the earbuds. It’s available in three colours – green, black and blue, while the entire package comes with three different sizes of ear tips. This particular addition alone allows you to custom fit the earbuds into your ears to ensure maximum comfort, based on the size and shape of your ear.

Photo Credit: Monster

The cable is a real beauty, though there is a safety rationale behind it too. This particular earphones features a newly-designed twisted, reflective cable that makes your outdoor workout experience a tad more safer, especially at night. It’s also ultra-slim, light and isolates noise – giving you a wholesome listening experience.

Photo Credit:

The incline remote control and mic is positioned near your chin, once you get the earphones attached to your ears. There’s a central button that multitasks – it handles pairing, power as well as call management. And as with most earphones out there, the plus and minus button deals with volume and track selection.

Photo Credit: Monster

On top of the device itself, you get a small pouch as well as a USB cable for charging purposes. Monster claims that the battery life of this device is around eight hours, and that’s approximately the amount of time I got from the device as well.

Most importantly, it’s sweat proof.

Photo Credit: Monster


I spent a week on the iSport Victory – predominantly in the gym, as well as several outdoor runs. The major concern for any wireless earphones is always bluetooth connectivity. And a quick Google search will tell you that some other users have had connectivity issues with the iSport Victory. Having said that, I had no issues with connectivity throughout the entire week. Though it took me a while to figure out the initial process of pairing my device to it, everything else sailed smoothly after that. I’ll leave it for you to interpret this one.

Photo Credit:

The key thing to take into consideration is that this is a workout earphone, so it’s not designed to belt out Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with crystal-clear sound quality. But that’s not to say that the iSport Victory compromises on sound quality – in fact, it’s pretty good. A large chunk of tracks on my workout playlists are either electronic music with heavy basses or hip hop tracks with the proverbial tough drum beats. Both genres worked pretty well on the iSport Victory.

Photo Credit:

This is due in no small part to the Pure Monster Sound feature, which comes with two mode – warm-up and sport. In essence, the former features more sub-bass and is less louder, while the latter seems to amplify the high-mids and sounds significantly louder. If you’re into listening to David Bowie or even Bob Dylan during your workouts, go for the warm-up mode. But if you’re the Flume or Childish Gambino type, it’s got to be the sport mode.


It’s a tad too idealistic to expect everything to be perfect, but my only concern with the iSport Victory is the incline remote control. It’s a bit too close to the chin, which can make it uncomfortable at times. On top of that, it’s easy to accidentally switch to another track while you’re trying to increase or decrease the volume. Sure, this is a feature that’s predominant on a number of other workout earphones too, but it’s still an annoying feature nonetheless. Also, it’d be even better if the iSport Victory was available in several other colours, including Red.

Photo Credit:

To make things easier for you, here’s  quick summary of the pros and cons of the iSport Victory:


  1. Unparalled comfort
  2. Sporty, sleek design
  3. Good sound quality
  4. Durable and sweat-proof


  1. Position of incline remote control
  2. Dual-function of ‘plus and minus’ button
  3. Limited colour choices
Photo Credit:


At RM588, the iSport Victory is evidently on the higher end of things. But it’s probably justifiable for several reasons. The sound quality is amazing, given that it’s a workout earphone that weighs only about 15 grams. The exterior quality of it is good, especially the thin, sleek and reflective cable. Most importantly, it’s comfortable. When you’re working out, the last thing you’d want is discomfort in your ears. The ear-hooks and secure and fit – never once did they shift or move around during my runs. If you’re looking for a comfortable workout earphones that packs enough punch to belt a reasonable version of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ while you power through your 10km run on the treadmill, few options are better than the iSport Victory.

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#NightRunMY: Bored? We’ve got free passes for you to join PUMA Night Run 2017!


It’s that time of the year again, isn’t it?

European football is still on break until August, and you begin to wonder if there’s more to life than the sporting events we religious follow on television or even at the stadium. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone at is suffering from various existential crises at this juncture.

The good news is this. Malaysia football is back on track while the new Premier League season is approximately one month away. More importantly, the good folks of PUMA have organized something to keep yourselves occupied (and also fit), before we go back to the regular food binge during the football season. Come on, we all do it.

After a successful 2016 edition, the PUMA Night Run is back with a bang this year! It’s happening on the 5th of August (Don’t forget, Premier League gets underway on the 12th of August! Come on Huddersfield!) and here are complete details on the run:

Here’s the real dealbreaker though. We know the off-season makes a large chunk of you folks jaded and that in return makes us sad (on top of all the existential crises we’re already dealing with). Hence, with help from our good friends at PUMA, we’ve allocated four pairs of PUMA Night Run passes for you to win! Here’s how you can get them!

  1. Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram
  2. Pick one track/song that gets your adrenaline pumping when it comes to running
  3. Drop your answers (Track+Artist) in the comment section of this post, alongside your full name and email address.
  4. The contest is only valid until Sunday (16 July 2017)
  5. We will pick four random winners and each winner will receive a pair of passes for the Night Run (12km)!

May the Gods of Running (read = Mo Farah, Wilson Kipsang) be with you!

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If you can walk, you can play: here are 6 benefits of walking football


Football is one of the most popular game in the world. It is flexible in format and draws players into an engrossing, effortful and social exercise.

However, the physical demands of play at full speed with running and sprinting may make it unsustainable for some older adults, or those suffering from medical conditions with various exercise limiting comorbidities.

This is where walking football comes in. Walking football is a good alternative because the game is restricted to walking pace, and thus moderate in intensity and not physically demanding.
That makes walking football accessible for all. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, you can still reap health benefits as the physical demands remain manageable.
It is not only for older adults and those with medical conditions, it is also for the healthy and those who want to concentrate solely on the motor skills of football and the game play itself. Children can participate too!
 In line with the “Walking Football” tournament that will be launched this Sunday, here are seven benefits of walking football.

1. Risk of injury is reduced

It is a minimal body contact sport and the game is played at a slower pace to reduce the threat of pain and discomfort, with players briskly walking through matches.

2. It improves stamina and reduces resting heart rate

This also helps with reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving blood circulation and blood pressure.


3. Improves blood lipid profiles

Many people today are at risk of heart diseases because of poor blood lipid profiles. Walking football can help with improving your blood lipid profile; like your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

It also improves bone density – all these are indicators of general good health.

4. Helps to treat hypertension

Studies have shown it can be effective in the treatment of mild to moderate hypertension and that it can produce high aerobic activity with marked improvements in fat oxidation and aerobic power.

5. Strengthen muscles 

With explosive movements of kicking, it strengthens the core muscles and limbs. Executing the kicks, needs balance and flexibility too.

6. Improve social well-being 

Socially interactive, it helps all demographics in improving their social well being. Walking football also helps to combat depression and anxiety — especially around retirement age.

Following the success of the ‘Walking Football’ initiative in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, will be partnering with renowned fitness guru Dee Dee Mahmood to officially launch and bring the initiative over to Southeast Asia.


Date: 16th April 2017 (Sunday)
Time10 AM to 12PM
Venue: Sports Garage, Petaling Jaya
Guest Referee: Paul Parker (Ex-Manchester United & England International)

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7 things you didn’t know about your metabolic rate

International Women’s Day may be over earlier this month, but ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you!

This articles celebrates women in their glory. Their concern with beauty and the ever-so-consistent quest for the ideal body and body weight. Thus the frustrations of sluggish metabolism when they have been diligent on their weight loss diet but the scale is on a standstill (or horror of horrors!) – it reflects an increase in weight

Ladies, this is probably the question you’ve been asking yourself on a daily basis:

I have been dieting and starving myself but yet I can’t seem to lose my fat weight.

It is because your metabolic rate is slow?

Let us take you through some metabolism killers and enhancers:

1.Under-caloric consumption of food = metabolism killer

Ladies, please eat between 1500 to 1800 calories depending on how active you are (if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, use the higher range). Caloric restriction signals starvation to the brain. The body will naturally gear into a survival mode by slowing down your metabolism to ensure survival with scarce food.

Photo: Mother Nature Network

2. Do not yoyo diet = metabolism killer

Did you notice that you only lose weight during the initial 1 or 2 weeks of “dieting”.  Thereafter, even though you have eaten the same number of calories, your body tends to pack on more weight.

Initial weeks will reflect weight loss on the weighing scale. Two or three weeks down the road, your weight loss plateaus. Once you eat normally, you will notice weight gain seeping in.

Yo-yo dieting makes weight loss efforts worst.  Most would end up with double weight gain with yo-yo dieting.  Do not miss meals and do not eat below 1200 calories per day.  Just target a deficit of 500 calories per day for a week and you will have lost 3500 calories per week — and your body is not on a sluggish metabolism survival mode.

  1. Eat small and frequent = metabolism enhancer

Eat 5 meals a day! That is why smaller meals are encouraged at regular intervals so that your metabolism will be active.  Not only that, with regular feedings, you will keep your energy level high.

4. Sleep 7-8 hours per day = metabolic enhancer

If you are a listless sleeper or could not clock in the hours at a go – have cat nap during the day. Lack of sleep creates havoc with your hormones of hunger and satiety, ghrelin and leptin.

Photo: Terlep chiropractic

5. Eat breakfast = metabolism enhancer

Eating breakfast is important to jumpstart your metabolism after having an empty stomach while you sleep (this is a state of “fasting”). Break your fast by “break-fasting”.  You will be alert and not be sluggish by mid-morning.  Research has shown that those who eat their breakfast tend to eat lower number of calories for the day and will be less likely to binge as compared to those who miss their break of the day.

6. Consume nutrient-dense food = metabolism enhancer 

Practice the habit of consuming nutrient-dense, natural foods while also choosing some of the foods that have a lower caloric density and a higher thermic effect of digestion.

Please remember that ALL foods are “thermogenic” because the body must use energy to digest them. This is known as the “thermic effect of food”.

Eat the “magic” food group – protein at every meal seating. Protein generally increases feeling of fullness to a greater extent than carbohydrate or fat. Eat your salmon, nuts, tofu, tempe, chicken breast, turkey breast, very lean red meat, shellfish and other seafood and egg whites (whole eggs in moderation).

  1. Exercise = metabolism enhancer

Muscles are metabolically active and uses energy even at rest, whereas fats does nothing at rest. Thus increasing muscle tone, through exercise with bodyweights and resistance will dramatically increase your metabolism.

Here are two exercises for you to help boost your metabolic rate. These workouts use compound movements involving endurance, strength and flexibility.

Remember to warm up for 5-10 minutes and stretch at the end of your exercise!

Exercise 1: Knee Up

From a standing position, move one knee up until your thighs are parallel to the floor, the hip flexors are the primary movers. These muscles are responsible for flexing the hip, pulling your thigh toward your torso.
The rectus abdominis is also involved in this exercise as well as the quadriceps.  It stretches the hip extensors including the glutes.
Do 30 repetitions for 1 set with 1 minute rest in between. Then move to the second, third, fourth, and fifth set. This exercise develops strength and endurance the thighs, and it also works for efficient running.
Exercise 2: Chest Press Up on Bridge 
Tighten your core, squeeze your butt, and lift your hips as high as you can with the added complexity of balancing one leg up – both knees parallel to each other, while maintaining neutral posture in the pelvis. Breathe in at rest and breath out upon exertion.
Apply the 30-second rule; do not rush through the movements. Hold butt lift for 30 seconds, leg up for 30 seconds and chest press up for 30 seconds. This 30-seconds works an extra deep cotraction through the glutes and core as well as the pectorals (chest muscles).
Do 10 repetitions for 3 sets with 1 minute rest in between. Shorten the rest in beween sets to 30 seconds rest as you get stronger.

Good luck and be careful while trying this at home!

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Post-Raya workout: 4 easy steps to help you get back into shape

If, on your way to work today, you felt guilty for binge-eating during open houses and feel like you’ve gained a few extra kilos that you can do without and need to get back in shape, we totally feel you.

Our in-house fitness guru, Dee Dee, has put together a list of simple workouts you can do during your gym time after work, or even at home, to help you get back into the pre-Raya you. So let’s get started!

But first…..warm up!

Be sure you stretch yourself first. Stretching helps to reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness while keeping you flexible and supple. It also helps you to perform exercises with full range of motion, decreasing the risk of injuries.

Workout No 1 : Woodchop

What does it target: Lower back and core muscles, including the rectus abdominis and gluteal muscles.

This is a full body exercise. You can just use your bodyweight or resistance such as dumbells or medicine ball of 2-3 kg weightage.

How to do it: Stand on the ground with your legs spread apart and your feet flat. Bend your knees only slightly. Grasp the dumbbells in each hand.


  • Squat, and twist left on the outside of your left leg.
  • Exhale, and lift the weight diagonally across your body, ending twisted to the right with the dumbbell above your head. Pivot on your left foot.
  • Focus on the rotation initiation in your torso.
  • Control the weight back up to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Perform the woodchop exercise for 2 minutes, followed by active rest of 2 minutes. Active rest means you have to do some stretches, not sit and wait for 2 minutes!

Workout No 2 : Kettlebell Swing on a Squat

What does it target: Deltoids (shoulders), lattisimus dorsi (back muscles), gluteus maximus (buttocks), quadriceps (legs)

How to do it: Squat, hip distance apart, make sure your knees are not falling in front of your toes.

Put your body weight on your heels. Grab the handle with both hands, keeping the palms face down and arms in front of the body.

Then, in a fluid motion, explosively swing the kettlebell shoulder level, keeping the glutes and core engaged. Remember, the motion should come from the hips, not the arms, as the body returns to standing.

Lower the weight back down between the legs and keep this swinging motion going for 2 minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 09.52.46

Perform the kettlebell swing on squat for 2 minutes, followed by rest of 2 minutes. Do some stretches before the next set.
Okay so far? Let’s move on to the next one…
Workout No 3: Jump Training 
This is an explosive exercise in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power.
What does it target: Quadriceps and hamstrings
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.08.37
How to do it: Perform the one-legged vertical jump on 3 sets of 8 repetitions, 4 sets of 12 repetitions, and 5 sets of 15 repetitions.
Do the jump on both your left and right legs. Incorporate 1 minute rest in between the sets. After 2 weeks of training of thrice per week, shorten the rest period to 30 seconds each time.

To jump higher, it is important to awaken and strengthen assisting muscles of the calves, the muscles around your hips, and your glutes.

This super-easy exercise works great as a tool for weight management and burning calories, as it increases your metabolic rate!

Workout No 4: Groin Stretch 

What does it target: Muscles inside of the thigh, groin

Perform the groin stretch during the 1 minute rest of the exercise above.

groin stretch

Combining the one-legged vertical jump and the groin stretch results in power and explosive strength, which gives you a full body workout exercise combo.

You will see increases in both speed of movement and speed of contraction (which affects explosive strength) which will improve performance. This is beneficial for all fitness levels. Good luck!

Dee Dee Mahmood is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and an academic adjunct for Edith Cowan University. Her research was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Chapter Annual Meeting in April 2016. 

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Losing weight & keeping fit too difficult? ‘Fat 2 Fit’ makes it super easy

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 12.24.17

Keeping fit is number 1 on everyone’s priority list, but, probably the hardest task to fulfil. Daily workouts are tedious enough, and there’s all that about food control and calories intake.

And that is precisely why a new wave of fitness venture is taking over University Malaya (UM), the ‘Fat 2 Fit’ series. Fat 2 Fit program trains people with health and fitness problems and drive them to achieve their fitness goals in three months. The program just wrapped up its third season.

This time around, the “biggest loser”, i.e. the one who lost the most weight was Mohammad Haziq, who lost a total of 20 kgs. Believe it or not, an exercise-averse Haziq went from 125 kg to 105 kg.

“The first day I showed up at Fat 2 Fit, I was shocked when our instructor Dee Dee asked me to make 6 rounds around the stadium. I did, but it took me like 25 minutes. Three months later, it took me less than 20 minutes.” he bragged.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 12.25.42

“The best part about Fat 2 Fit is that we are encouraged to eat well. There are some rules, like substitute sugary drinks with water, snack on fruits and etc, but we eat 3 to 5 times a day.”

Although Fat 2 Fit trains about 40 people each season, the instructor tailors the workout for each participant according to their individual needs. For example, another participant, Rohana Binti Ali, managed to curb her high blood pressure and cholesterol problems at the end of the program.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 12.25.11

The Fat 2 Fit series is spearheaded by exercise physiologist, nutritionist and trainer, Dee Dee Mahmood, who is also an academic adjunct at the Edith Cowan University, Australia. The venture is powered by UM Cares, which encourages community projects on campus.

Since its inception, the program has helped over 120 participants to achieve their fitness goals and improve their health conditions.