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Skuad futsal Indonesia tarik diri sertai Sukan SEA


Nampaknya kita tidak dapat melihat aksi Malaysia menentang Indonesia di Sukan SEA nanti.

Ini selepas skuad futsal Indonesia mengumumkan bahawa mereka tidak akan mengambil bahagian di Sukan SEA pada bulan Ogos nanti.

Ini merupakan kali pertama pasukan futsal Indonesia tidak mengambil bahagian dalam Sukan SEA. Sejak 2007, Indonesia telah berjaya merangkul pingat gangsa dalam tiga kejohanan berturut.

Apa yang menarik, sebab penarikan diri skuad Indonesia dari acara futsal tidak diketahui oleh jurulatih mereka sendiri, Vic Hermans.

“Betul kami tidak akan pergi. Kenapa kami tidak pergi itu saya tidak tahu. Cuba anda tanyakan ke Persekutuan Futsal Indonesia (FFI),” kata Vic dalam satu laporan oleh Bola.com.

Persiapan telah dilakukan oleh Vic yang sebelum ini turut memanggil 31 pemain untuk mengikuti latihan pusat. Namun, perkara ini pastinya mengecewakan Vic serta anak buahnya kerana tidak dapat meneruskan hasrat mereka untuk cuba merangkul emas.

Indonesia berjaya merangkul pingat gangsa selepas menewaskan Myanmar 6-5 kali terakhir acara futsal dipertandingkan di Sukan SEA 2013 yang berlangsung di Myanmar.

FutsalKL 2017

18-women futsal squad for 2017 SEA Games unveiled

National futsal head coach Muizzudin Mohd Harris has announced his final 18-women squad who will be marching into the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games in August.

These 18 selected futsal players will be checking into the “Pusat Fasa 8” training camp starting 1st of July up until the end of the month.

With only 58 days left on the calendar, this training will signal the final phase of preparations for KL SEA Games which will commence on the 19th of August.

Here is the list of 18 futsal players selected for the final squad:

Head coach Muizzudin has retained all 18 players who were previously called up for the “Pusat Fasa 7” training camp, as the squad successfully defeated Hong Kong in two friendly matches at the Real Sports Arena in Klang.

“Based on the two friendly matches against Hong Kong, I think we still need to work on a few things like attack, defence, and moving the ball around. We have a lot of room for improvement, and I will not be complacent with the two victories against Hong Kong.” coach Muizzudin said.

“I have called up the same 18 players for the training camp. If there are no injuries, this will be the squad I’m bringing to the SEA Games. But I will narrow down the list to 14 players as the SEA Games get closer.” the coach added.


PHOTOS: Ghaddar officially seals the deal with JDT

Former Kelantan forward Mohammed Ghaddar has officially sealed the deal with his new club, Johor Darul Ta’zim.

The Lebanese star was featured in a introduction session held earlier today at the Press Conference Room at the Tan Sri Dato Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium, Larkin.

The introduction session was attended by Johor Darul Ta’zim’s head coach, Benjamin Mora, alongside JDT’s Sports Director Alistair Edwards.

The Lebanese striker confirmed that he’d leave Kelantan FA to join Johor Darul Ta’zim earlier this week, citing financial reasons as a big motivation. He also issued an apology to Kelantan fans, calling them to understand his situation.

He will now officially play for Johor Darul Ta’zim, wearing the No. 22 jersey.

Ghaddar has scored 18 goals in 11 Super League matches while he was still with Kelantan, with at least two hat-tricks under his belt.

[All photos retrieved from JDT’s Facebook page]


Pasukan futsal B-20 Indonesia dijanjikan 300 juta


Ketua Umum Persekutuan Futsal Indonesia (FFI) Hary Tanoesoedibjo telah menjanjikan ganjaran berjumlam 300 juta Rupiah ( RM 98,000) kepada pasukan futsal bawah 20 tahun Indonesia.

Wang ganjaran ini telah dijanjikan oleh FFI jika pasukan bawah 20 tahun Indonesia mampu sekurang-kurangnya layak ke separuh akhir kejohana Futsal AFC U-20 nanti.

Kejohanan Futsal AFC U-20 akan berlangsung di Bangkok, Thailand pada 16-26 Mein ini dan dengan pengumuman wang ganjaran tersebut, Harry Tanoe berharap pemain akan lebih bersemangat.

Memetik kenyataan Harry Tanoe seperti dilaporkan Juara.net, dia berkata: “Jika pasukan berjaya layak ke separuh akhir, mereka akan mendapat bonus Rp 200 juta. Kalau mereka layak ke perlawanan akhir, mereka akan menerima bonus Rp 300 juta. Tetapi jika mereka berjaya muncul juara, mereka akan terima bonus lebih besar.”

Ujian pertama mereka adalah untuk melepasi kumpulan dalam kejohanan tersebut. Skuad bimbingan Vic Hermans itu berada di dalam Kumpulan B bersama Jepun, Tajikistan dan Taiwan.

Skuad futsal Indonesia akan bertemu Tajikistan dalam perlawanan pertama mereka di Hua Mark Indoor Stadium pada hari Selasa depan (16 Mei).

Dengan pengumuman bonus seperti ini, pastinya skuad futsal bawah 20 tahun Indonesia akan lebih bersemangat. Bagaimana pula dengan nasib futsal di Malaysia? Adakah mereka juga boleh menerima ganjaran sama seperti pemain bolasepak biasa?


AFC Cup: Felda left frustrated in Shah Alam, 10-man JDT drop points vs Magwe

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.37.01 PM

Felda United will be kicking themselves tonight after they conceded a late goal to draw 1-1 against Hanoi FC at the Shah Alam Stadium this evening.

The Fighters went into this game looking to clinch their first ever AFC Cup win, but heavy rain meant that the game ended up being very sloppy in the first 15 minutes or so. On the 27th minute though, Zah Rahan broke the deadlock with an outstanding effort, completely catching Hanoi goalkeeper Minh Long off guard.

Hanoi continued to press high up the pitch and pushed for an equalizer. Van Quyet’s attempt on the 39th minute was saved comfortably by Farizal while Hung Dung’s half-volley, seven minutes into the second half, went wide off target.

B. Sathianathan’s men desperately held on to their slender lead but just when it looked like they were on the verge of stealing a win, Hung Dung curled a fantastic shot into the back of the net in injury time to make it 1-1 and leave Felda frustrated.

Meanwhile, JDT were also victims of a late goal in Myanmar, but they would arguably be more content with the result, given that they played a large portion of the match with 10-man.

Benjamin Mora opted to rotate his entire squad for this fixture, giving the likes of Gopinathan, S. Chanturu, Shakir Shaari and even Brian Ferreira a spot in the starting eleven – a decision that didn’t look too good in the opening 10 minutes as Magwe dominated proceedings.

On the 12th minute, things got worse as Hasbullah Awang was shown a straight red card for a reckless challenge. But while the odds of a Magwe win started getting slashed instantly, JDT broke the deadlock merely seven minutes later, against the run of play. Brian Ferreira showed tremendous vision to find Chanturu, who squared it for Gopinathan inside Magwe’s penalty box. The former Selangor man made no mistakes by firing him to make it 1-0.

Magee attempted to mount a comeback in the second half, and they did have their fair share of chances, especially in the first 15 minutes of the second half. But as Mora began to introduce the likes of Safiq Rahim and Gabi Guerra, the Southern Tigers started looking far more assured on the ball.

However, the home side’s relentless efforts were eventually rewarded on the 88th minute as Magwe’s Cameroonian hitman Sylla Sekou levelled the score with a well taken goal, forcing JDT to drop two valuable points at the Thuwunna Stadium.


“We’re not good enough” – National futsal coach Chun Yong

Malaysia’s national futsal coach Chiew Chun Yong has come forward to confess that the national futsal team is not good enough.

He attributed the matter of contention to the absence of a competitive futsal league in Malaysia.

The national futsal squad recently came in third at the AFF ASEAN Futsal championship, after defeating Timor Leste 8-1 in Bangkok.

While the majority of us would be complacent with that result, coach Chiew Chun Yong is far from it. He feels that the national futsal squad has yet to reach their full potential, and that they could have done much, much better.

Chun Yong told Kosmo that if only there was a competitive futsal league, just like football, it would make it much more effective to produce more top-notch players and yield a better performance.

However,  Chun Yong also stressed that team can use this experience as a learning block to perform better in future tournaments.

“I think it’s quite clear that the absence of a competitive futsal league is the problem. In fact, it puts us behind a lot of countries, especially Thailand. Thailand is definitely way ahead of us and they have an active competitive league.” he explained.

“If we compare ourselves to Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar or even Brunei, they have a different kind of preparation altogether. It’s much more complete, especially since they have domestic futsal league to help them prepare prior to a major tournament.”

“Even without long-term training, our national futsal squad performed exceptionally, so I’m sure we can take it to another level. Now we know where we stand, so with a competitive futsal league and focused trainings, I’m sure we’ll be able to churn more young talents for the national squad, and put up a better fight.”

Thailand emerged champions of the AFF Futsal championship 2017, after defeating Myanmar 8-1 in the finals. Malaysia came in third. Prior to this, Malaysia also came in third back in 2001, 2007, 2008 and 2015 in the same tournament.




Skuad futsal Malaysia mara ke separuh akhir Kejuaraan Futsal AFF

maslaos (1)

Walaupun skuad bolasepak tidak mampu mara ke separuh akhir Piala AFF Suzuki, lain pula ceritanya untuk skuad futsal kebangsaan.

Pasukan futsal Malaysia terus garang membelasah Laos 13-1 dalam aksi kedua Kumpulan B yang berlangsung di Stadium Tertutup Huamark, Bangkok petang semalam.

Malaysia mendahului 7-0 di babak pertama dan di permulaan babak kedua menjaringkan lagi dua gol sebelum Laos sempat menjaringkan satu gol saguhati. Tidak puas dengan hanya sembilan gol, pasukan kendalian Chiew Chun Yong itu menyumbat lagi empat gol untuk menjadikan kedudukan 13-1.

Jurulatih skuad futsal negara Chiew Chun Yong berpuas hati dengan persembahan anak buahnya.

“Saya rasa pemain kita pada hari ini telah melakukan tugas dengan baik. Biarpun Laos bukanlah pasukan yang agak kuat, tapi itu tidak bermakna yang kita boleh ambil mudah perlawanan ini.

“Ini kerana, saya mahu pemain mencuba beberapa taktikal sebagai persediaan untuk berdepan Myanmar, esok (hari ini). Mereka telah melakukannya dengan baik dari segi taktikal dan sistem permainan, “ katanya seperti dipetik dari laman web FAM.

Myanmar mencipta kejutan apabila menewaskan Indonesia 6-3 sekaligus bakal mengiringi skuad Harimau Malaysia ke separuh akhir. Malaysia akan bertemu Myanmar dalam perlawanan terakhir Kumpulan B bagi menentukan siapa bakal muncul juara bagi Kumpulan B.

Kumpulan A menampilkan tiga pasukan iaitu tuan rumah, Thailand, Timor-Leste dan Brunei.


Malaysian Tigers are not ready for AFF Futsal Championship, says Chun Yong

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The Malaysia Futsal manager, Chiew Chun Yong, has admitted that the team is still not ready for the AFF Futsal Championship.

According to Yong, the players have not adapted to the new system and needs time to boost their performances.

“But I understand that players need time and more matches to get used to the system. So I hope they are more focused and will work hard to adjust their playing style once the tournament kicks off,” Yong told Sinar Harian.

Malaysia will head to Bangkok for their next set of friendly matches where they will first play Bangkok FC first.

Malaysia played six friendlies previously where they won five and draw one.

The AFF Futsal Championship will kick off on 23 January in Thailand.

The tournament was supposed to be held from 31 October to 6 November 2016, but was postponed due to the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Malaysia will kick off their campaign against Indonesia in Group B.


ToT United to represent Malaysia in world final of Neymar Jr’s Five


ToT United C will have the honour of representing Malaysia in the Neymar Jr’s Five in Brazil.

The amateur futsal team was chosen as the sole representative for Malaysia after defeating Samba FA 1-0 in the the final of the tournament two days ago at the University of Malaya.

“We were so focused on the match until we did not even realize that the match was already over,” team captain Muhammad Shamar Fadzil said as quoted by Sinar Harian.

“We will try our best in making a country proud in the World Final this coming July.”

Photo Credit: TOT United Futsal Club
Photo Credit: TOT United Futsal Club

ToT United player Muhammad Azrol Hairon won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

Tot United C started their Neymar Jr’s Five campaign by beating Klezcar FC in the Round of 32, followed by an important victory over Prokas Singham in the Round of 16. The Perak-based team then defeated Ally MBC and MAC FC Jr to ensure a place in the final match.

The World Final will be held in July at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Sao Paulo, Brazil.