PKNP-Negeri Sembilan match moved to new venue after Stadium Perak closure

Photo: The Star

Last week, the Football Malaysia LLP ordered the closure of Stadium Perak in Ipoh for seven days.

The order was given after FMLLP’s Competition Unit, together with Perak officials, inspected the stadium and found that the condition of the pitch was below satisfactory level and not suitable to be played on.

As a result, the TM Piala Malaysia fixture PKNP – Negeri Sembilan fixture that was supposed to take place in Stadium Perak on Tuesday (July 18th) had to be postponed to another venue.

The new location for the fixture has been confirmed to be Stadium Proton at Tanjung Malim, and the match will kick-off at 4.45 pm.

Stadium Perak will be closed from 14th July until 21st July for upgrading works. The stadium will be reopened just in time for the Perak-FELDA Super League fixture on the 22nd of July.

FMLLP have urged Perak FA to make sure the pitch conditions remain in good quality, or FMLLP will be forced to close the stadium indefinitely.

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