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Petaling Jaya sinks Puchong United to emerge champions of Purple League


The Petaling Jaya badminton club have successfully ended Muar City’s winning streak as they were crowned the new champions of the Malaysia Purple League 2016/2017.

The final match which took place at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, saw Petaling Jaya BC beat Puchong United 13-9 to emerge champions.

Petaling Jaya BC’s manager Manoj Kumar expressed that he was highly impressed by his team’s performance and said they absolutely earned the win.

“We’re actually an underdog, going up against other stronger team, but with determination, commitment and the spirit to win, we managed to defeat our competitors and emerge champions.”

“We even defeated big team like Petaling BC, BU Dragon’s BC, and Puchong United. I think it all boils down to team spirit.”

“We have some very hardworking players like Goh Giap Chin, Koo Kien Kiet, Deng Xuan, amongst others.” he added.

Although Puchong United BC dominated the first two rounds of the game in the men and women singles category, things took a turn and leaned in favour of Petaling Jaya during the men’s doubles round.

Petaling Jaya’s mixed doubles team further reinforced the win when they sent Puchong’s duo home. Eventually, Goh Giap Chin sent the crowd into an uproar as he sealed Petaling Jaya’s win by defeating Puchong’s Soo Teck Zhi.

This is Petaling Jaya BC’s first win since the inception of the Purple League back in 2014. The champions will walk away with RM 500,000 in cash prize.

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