Khairul Hafiz smashes Tan Sri M. Jegathesan’s 49 year-old 200m record

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Malaysian sprinter Khairul Hafiz officially smashed the national 200m record, en route to winning the event at the ongoing Malaysian Open today.

He clocked an impressive time of 20.90 seconds, which is 0.02 seconds faster than Tan Sri M. Jegathesan’s record from 1968, to finish ahead of Jonathan Nyepa (21.29 seconds) and G. Aravinn Thevarr (21.21 seconds).

More impressively, Khairul finished five metres ahead of his nearest competitor, which undoubtedly makes him the clear favourite to clinch gold at the SEA Games, next month.

The 19 year-old also currently holds the national 100m record (10.18 seconds), after beating former national sprinter Watson Nyambek’s time of 10.30 seconds at the Malaysian Games last year.

AthleticsKL 2017

#KL2017: Please don’t hold jumping events in the afternoon, pleads R. Kirthana

National triple jumper R. Kirthana easily excelled at the 94th Malaysian Open Athletics Championship yesterday.

The 20-year-old clinched first place and bagged gold with her jump of 13.18 metres at the tournament held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Most people would be happy and complacent once that gold medal is hanging around their neck, but not Kirthana.

She was not only unhappy, she was in fact disappointed that she did not surpass her personal best of 13.48 metres which she recorded at the G. Kosanov Memorial Tournament in Kazakhstan last month.

Aside from the scorching sun, Kirthana felt that the poor turnout at the tournament did not pose enough challenge for her to perform at her usual best. According to Bernama, only five athletes competed in the triple jump.

“The weather was too hot and we became tired very fast. The jumping events are not suitable to be held under hot sun.” Bernama quoted R.Kirthana as saying.

“Besides the heat, my main rivals in the SEA Games from Vietnam and Thailand are not here. Only the jumpers from Indonesia and Laos participated. I have to push harder to do better in the SEA Games.”

“The lack of challenge due to lower number of participants in the event is another reason for the poor performance.” she added.

However, Kirthana is looking to make amends for her “poor performance” yesterday at the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games.

She is determined to exceed the 13.70 mark in order to clinch gold at the most-anticipated sporting event this year.

“I will try to win a medal in the long jump in the SEA Games — although my favourite event is the triple jump.” R. Kirthana said.

“And I hope for the SEA Games, the jumping events are not held in the afternoon. Holding them in the morning and late evening is better as it will not be so hot.” she added.


World Para Athletics: Malaysia’s Ridzuan Puzi settles for 4th place in men’s 200m


Malaysia’s paralympic athlete Mohammad Ridzuan Puzi had to settle for fourth place at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London last night.

Ridzuan Puzi, who competed in the mens’ 200 metres T36 event, finished fourth after clocking 25.21 seconds in the event.

It was Australia’s James Michael Turner who smashed the world record to win the race and bag the gold medal after he clocked in 24.09 seconds.

Close behind him was Poland’s Krzysztof Ciuksza, who finished second with 25.04 seconds. Brazil’s Rodrigo Parreira Da Silva clocked 25.19 seconds to bag bronze, just 0.02 seconds ahead of Ridzuan Puzi.

Ridzuan Puzi made history last year as he became the first Malaysia athlete to win gold medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

In another paralympic event, Malaysia’s Mohd Nasharuddin Mohamad competed in the mens’ 400 metres T2 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.
Mohd Nasharuddin came in fifth after clocking in 50.69 seconds at the race. It was Brazil’s Daniel Martins who came in first with 47.66 seconds, setting a new world record for the mens’ 400 metres T2 event.

Over the weekend, Malaysia bagged two gold medals when both Ziyad Zolkefli (shot put) and Latiff Romly (men’s long jump T20) aced their events and finished first.

Shot putter Ziyad Zolkelfi also set a new world record while he was it — his shot registered at 17.29 metres, breaking his own world record of 16.84 metres he set at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.


Atlet Para UAE meninggal dunia ketika menjalani latihan


Berita sedih buat sukan Paralimpik.

Majlis Paralimpik Antarabangsa (IPC) hari ini mengumumkan kematian atlet Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE) Abdullah Hayayei selepas berlaku kejadian di padang latihan.

Atlet berusia 36 tahun itu sedang berlatih di Newham Leisure Centre di London Timur bagi mempersiapkan diri untuk Kejohanan Olahraga Paralimpik Dunia yang akan bermula Jumaat ini.

Jurucakap polis Metropolitan berkata: “Di peringkat awal ini, kami percaya bahawa dia terlibat dengan kemalangan melibatkan sebatang besi yang merupakan sebahagian daripada peralatan latihan di pusat tersebut.”

Pihak IPC menyatakan bahawa insiden tersebut berlaku sekitar jam 5 petang waktu tempatan pada hari Selasa.

“Pihak polis, perkhidmatan ambulan London dan Ambulan Udara London telah datang ke tempat kejadian,” kata IPC.

“Pada 17:20, atlet berkenaan diumumkan meninggal di tempat kejadian.”

Hayayei membuat penampilan pertamanya di Sukan Paralimpik Rio tahun lalu, di mana dia menamatkan kedudukan di tempat keenam bagi acara lontar lembing F34 dan tempat ketujuh bagi acara lontar peluru F34.

Arwah menduduki tempat kelima dalam acara lontar cakera F34 di Kejohanan Para Dunia di Doha pada 2015.

Penganjur akan mengadakan upacara berkabung sebagai penghormatan kepada Hayayei ketika majlis perasmian temasya berkenaan pada hari Jumaat ini di Stadium London.


WATCH: Team Malaysia set new record at the 22nd Asian Athletics in India


Malaysia’s women athletics team, comprising of Nurul Faizah Asma Mazlan, Siti Fatima Mohamad, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli and S. Komalam Shally set a new national record at the Asian Track and Field Championships in India.

The team finished by clocking 45.18 seconds in the final, which is an improvement of the 45.19s time they set at the Thailand Open in June 2015.

The achievement also garnered the attention of Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who extended his support via a retweet on his page.

Screencap from Twitter
AthleticsHigh Jump

Exclusive: Nauraj Singh talks about SEA Games, Usain Bolt and upcoming Worlds

At 193 cm, it’s little surprise that Nauraj Singh Randhawa is taking the high jump arena by storm.

Back in April, Nauraj set a new national record for high jump at the 2017 Singapore Open. After recording his personal best at 2.29 m in 2016, he took it up a notch to set the new record at 2.30 m at the 2017 Singapore Open.

Just over a week ago, the 25-year-old made national headlines again as won his his first European title in Barcelona. Nauraj bagged gold after clearing 2.21 m at the Barcelona International Athletics Championships.

His victory at Barcelona sent Australia’s Brandon Starc to second place (2.15m) and Spain’s Miguel Angel Sancho Rubio to third place (2.11m). A few days later, he clinched his second European gold medal by clearing 2.21m to win the Memorial Cansino meet in Castellon.

Having said that, it is not fair to credit all his success and glory to his towering height, it is a combination of years of hard work, resilience, determination, and the will to make it.

However, starting out at the age of 9, Nauraj was more interested in sports like football, sepak takraw, running, and gymnastics.

It was his school PE (Physical Exercise) teacher who saw massive potential in that young boy and convinced him to switch to high jump instead. The rest, as they say, is history.

Despite his hectic schedule, Nauraj took time to speak to to discuss his plans for the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games, his knack for breaking records, and how he keeps everything in balance.

FO: First of all, Nauraj, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nauraj: I’m a person with principals which I inherit a lot off my dad growing up (not as great as my dad but i do follow most of them). And I can be very superstitious about particular things, somethings just simply don’t change. haha. I have believes and I believe in God.

FO: How or when did you realise you had the knack for high jumps? Were you very active as a child?

Nauraj: High jumping goes back to primary school. At that time, I was 9 and I was more interested in sports like football and speak takraw and running and some form of gymnastics. But then after the age of 9, other students begin running faster than me. It was then that my PE teacher, En Syed Isa, convinced me to become a high jumper as I was obviously taller than all the other 9 year olds. That’s when high jump started.

FO: When did you decide pursue it professionally? Who was your biggest motivator?

Nauraj: I made my first MSSM (Malaysian Schools Sports Council) debut at the age of 15 and managed to win a bronze medal there. I also won a bronze the following year. At the MSSM, national junior coach from Uzbek, Alim Ahmedjanov potential in me and made necessary arrangements for me to gain a place in BJSS. So in August 2008, (I was 16 at this time) I took up an offer to move to Bukit Jalil and pursue my athletic career there, since things were not going well for me back in JB anyway. My parents, particularly my dad, had been my motivation.

Photo: Roslan Khamis

FO: How did you balance all your training with your studies and social life?

Nauraj: It is definitely difficult to find the balance between studies and social life when you’re being trained as an athlete, especially when you’re trying to be a professional one. You can’t always have it all. There’s always going to be a time where you need to set priorities straight and do what’s best for that time. The circle of friends I have is only a handful, and they are mostly sports related people. As years went by, that circle became smaller. But being in sports gives me an opportunity to meet new and interesting people all around. As for now, I’m putting my studies on hold. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I would one day regret that I should have prioritised my sports more during the pinnacle years of my career.

Photo: Nauraj Instagram

FO: You also have knack for breaking records. Do you carefully plan it, or do you just give it your best and see what happens?

Nauraj: Personally to me a record is never owned. Its just a delusional mark which states a performance that others have yet to reach. Records don’t matter to me. What matters to me is progression. Progression which I make from year to year and that I’m constantly finding way and methods to simply be better than I was yesterday.

FO: Your current personal best is at 2.30m, which you set in Singapore. Do you intend to break that record in the 2017 SEA Games?

Nauraj: Yes I do intend to break that mark, but I dont know when or where is that going to be. I can’t focus on the outcome of a competition but what I can do is focus on the process that’s going to bring that outcome. I’m going to do my part right and find consistency and put in the work and effort. If i do these things well enough, the numbers will follow.

FO: How are you preparing for the SEA Games; are you training in Malaysia or outside?

Nauraj: Preparations are going as planned. My coach Alex Stewart has put in a plan for me for the entire season from last october and we are just following it. This year is a year filled with travelling and prior to 2017 KL SEA Games. I’ll make my first ever World Championships debut in London this August, and that’s the highlight of my season.


FO: Do you think you’ll get gold in the high jump events like you did in 2013 and 2015? 

Nauraj: I believe there’s not a competitor in this world who walks into a competition without having eyes on the price. Everyone wants to win. High jump is very technical and it’s actually an event where anything can happen on the day. So it’s going to be a battle – may the best man win! But I can tell you this, Malaysia is going to be strong in high jump.

FO: Vanity test: Who is better? Navraj or Lee Hup Wei?

Nauraj: Well, we’re both good! Hup Wei has been my senior and idol since I joined BJSS in 2008. He’s taught me a lot throughout my career and he’s got heaps of experience.

Photo: Utusan

FO: Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

Nauraj: Usain bolt. He’s a legend. Winning is easy, the tough part is keeping the momentum going. I’ve researched a lot about him, and learned what happens behind the scenes. We all see him as a champion but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes, and I respect him for that.

AthleticsKL 2017

Malaysian sprint king ready for ‘David vs Goliath’ battle at SEA Games


There’s a renewed sense of excitement within the Malaysian track and field contingent ahead of the KL SEA Games this year, and it’s due in no small part to the presence of local sprinter Khairul Hafiz.

Having shattered Watson Nyambek’s national 100m record just over year ago, Khairul went on a bit of a dry spell, though his recent resurgence culminated in a triumph at the Thailand Open Track and Field Championships last month.

But things are bound to get trickier when the SEA Games gets underway, as reigning 100m gold medalist, Eric Cray, has confirmed his participation. And while Khairul recognizes that the Filipino sprinter will be the favourite to win again, he is determined to spring a surprise at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

“I admit it will be a close battle because the previous winner will be competing this year as well. But I’ll be doing everything in my power to make my beloved country proud,” he told Arena Metro.

“Even my coach [Mohd Poad] consistently reminds me to not let fear take over my head. At  the end of the day, all of us have emotions. The only thing that will differentiate us is our mental strength,” he added.

To better prepare himself for the SEA Games, Khairul Hafiz will be competing at the Asian Track and Field Championships in Bhubaneswar, India this week, where he is likely to face tougher competitors from sprinters outside Southeast Asia.

“As far as India is concerned, I have my own mission. I want to improve my recent timings and going up against sprinters from Thailand and China will help me push harder,” he added.

The SEA Games will officially get underway on the 19th of August, and tickets are now officially on sale, as per the story attached below.

2017 KL SEA Games tickets are officially on sale!


AthleticsKL 2017

Felicia Mikat azam perbaiki catatan masa dan raih pingat di Sukan Para Asean

Felicia Mikat

Pada tahun 2015, kecoh di media sosial mengenai seorang atlet Para negara yang memenangi pingat tetapi tidak mendapat sambutan meriah ketika pulang dari kejohanan Sukan Para Asean.

Namun, perkara tersebut telah dinafikan oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Khairy Jamaluddin yang menyatakan bahawa atlet tersebut disambut oleh pegawai-pegawai sukan Sabah.

Namun, segalanya berubah selepas Malaysia meraih tiga pingat emas di Sukan Paralimpik Rio pada tahun lalu. Rakyat Malaysia sudah mula mengambil tahu dan menyokong atlet Para negara.

Atlet yang menjadi sebutan di laman sosial pada tahun 2015 itu bakal beraksi lagi di Sukan Para Asean yang akan berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur dan dia mengharapkan agar rakyat Malaysia akan turun ke stadium menyokong semua atlet Malaysia.

Felicia Mikat, pemenang pingat emas Sukan Para Asean 2015 dalam acara 100m, 200m dan 400m wanita bagi kategori T13 (masalah penglihatan) berazam untuk menujukkan aksi terbaik buat rakyat Malaysia.

“Tahun ini sasaran saya adalah untuk perbaiki catatan masa. Bagi saya kalau dapat pingat itu bonus. Sukan Para Asean yang sebelum ini adalah yang pertama buat saya dan ini kali kedua saya menyertainya,” kata Felicia baru-baru ini.

Selain itu, Felicia juga menyatakan bahawa semua persiapannya untuk beraksi di Sukan Para Asean pada bulan September nanti berjalan lancar.

“Semua persiapan setakat ni baik. Latihan juga baik. Bagi saya, semuanya berjalan lancar.”

Pastinya rakyat Malaysia mampu memberikan sokongan padu kepada semua atlet sama ada yang beraksi di Sukan SEA atau Sukan Para Asean nanti. Sokongan padu ini akan membantu memberikan semangat dan motivasi kepada semua atlet untuk meraih sebanyak mungkin pingat emas dan mengharumkan nama negara.

Sukan Para Asean yang kesembilan akan berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur pada 17 hingga 23 September nanti.