NSC to review archery coach Jae-hyung’s performance


The National Sports Council (NSC) will evaluate the performance of the national archery squad’s head coach, Lee Jae Hyung to determine his future in the team.

“Like any other coaches under the Podium Program, Jae-hyung’s work will be reviewed from time to time. The decision regarding his status will be made based on the evaluation,” said Dr Khairi Zawi, the chief executive officer of NSC.

This statement was in light of rising pressure from the public to sack the Korean coach, who has a contract until December 2017, following the archery squad’s early exit at the Rio Olympics.

The national team crashed out in the first round in the team event, while Khairul Anuar Mohamad was the only one who made it to the second round in the individual event.

Jae-hyung has been in charge of the archery squad since 2001 as he guided them to the Olympics from Athens 2004 onwards, but their best achievement so far was a quarter-final appearance.

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Khairul’s Olympic hopes crushed yet again


The expectations that were placed on national archer, Khairul Anuar Mohamad’s shoulders was too much for him to bear after he suffered an early exit from the men’s individual recurve event yesterday.

The 24-year-old got off to a great start in the first round by crushing Colombia’s Andres Pila 6-0 and he looked set to maintain his stride when he led 4-0 against Florian Floto, but the German made a miraculous comeback to clinch the second round 4-6.

“He recorded better scores after I took the lead. I was a bit slow in getting used to the field and wind but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for this defeat,” he said, as quoted by Harian Metro.

Photo credit: New Straits Times
Photo credit: New Straits Times

The Terengganu-born athlete couldn’t repeat his achievement of reaching the quarter-final at London 2012 when he lost to Japan’s Takaharu Furukawa.

However, he won’t be dispirited with this latest setback as he looks forward to the 2018 Asian Games and Tokyo 2020.

“I have to train harder because other teams are improving their techniques, like the Dutch.

“We do have great sparring partners as well with South Korean archers but I believe we can do much more during practice,” said Khairul.

Khairul’s defeat signals the end for the Malaysian contingent in archery, after the national trio crashed out from the team event, and Haziq Kamaruddin and Akmal Nor Hasrin couldn’t get past the first round in the individual event.

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#Rio2016: It’s not the end of the road for Malaysian archers

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The national archery squad will be determined to redeem themselves in the men’s individual segment after crashing out from the team event.

Malaysia’s hope of getting its first medal in Rio was crushed last Sunday when the national squad, consisting of Khairul Anuar Mohammad, Haziq Kamaruddin and Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin were defeated 6-2 by the French, but the defeat won’t dampen the spirit of Lee Jae Hyung’s men.

He refused to blame anyone for the lost as he insists that there is still a chance to win a medal from the individual event.

“In the individual event, the chances for each archer will be the same. It is different from the team event because if one member fails to perform, then it’ll affect the team.

“I noticed a positive improvement in the team event’s performance today (yesterday) as they played better compared to the ranking round,” he told Utusan Online.

Photo credit: New Straits Times
Photo credit: New Straits Times

The Korean coach also defended junior member, Muhammad Akmal’s lacklustre performance which caused the national team to have an early exit.

“I feel it’s unfair to shift the blame to him for his performance in the team event. I hope he can redeem this defeat in the individual event,” he said.

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#Rio2016: Malaysian archers braced for ‘harsh’ conditions


The Malaysian archery contingent will be tested in their bid to get a podium spot due to uneven ground and unpredictable wind speeds at the competition venue when it begins on Friday.

According to national coach Lee Jae Hyung, the conditions might negatively affect the performance of the three recurve archers.

He said all teams will be facing the same problems and they have voiced their concerns.

“But it’s already too late now so we just have to get used to the situation here,” said the Korean coach.

He also added that the archers have to stand firm on their spots to get a good position before releasing the arrow.

Jae Hyung has been busy prepping the squad since arriving at the venue and he hopes it’ll be enough to overcome the challenges and they won’t be disturbed by it.

The national archery squad consists of Khairul Anuar Mohamad, Haziq Kamaruddin and Muhammad Akmal. Despite never making an impact in previous editions of the Olympic Games, all three individuals are being touted as possible medalists this year, due to their recent form.

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#Rio2016: Akmal vows to compete without fear


National archer, Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin is determined to perform well in the Rio Olympics alongside his seniors, without being deterred by nervousness as he makes his debut.

The 21-year-old athlete will depend on the experience of Khairul Anuar Mohamad and Haziq Kamaruddin, both who have taken part in the prestigious sporting event as a tool of guidance to challenge for the men’s recurve team title.

“It is normal to feel nervous as an athlete, especially when we are taking part in a more competitive event. Furthermore, this will be my Olympic debut so it feels different from previous competitions that I have taken part.

Photo credit: Star Online
Photo credit: Star Online

“I’m in a team with two senior archers that are able to guide me since I’m still young. I need their experience.

“I have gained some valuable lessons from South Korea and I’ll utilize them here,” the 21-year-old told Utusan Online after arriving in Rio.

The national archery squad secured qualification to Rio in Turkey, before going through a training stint in South Korea as their coach, Lee Jae Hyung hopes for an inspiring performance to reach the finals.


Khairul Anuar determined to get rid of London ‘ghost’

khairul anuar afp

National archer, Khairul Anuar Mohamad is keen not to repeat past mistakes when he makes his 2nd Olympic appearance in Rio, next month.

The Terengganu-born athlete said he’ll be ready for any sort of situation on the field after having the experience of competing at London 2012.

“On the previous Olympic, I felt fear and dispirited before I enter the field. But things will change now as I’ll fight till the end, no matter what are the circumstances,” he told Harian Metro.

Khairul crashed out early in the team event, while he only managed to reach the quarter-finals in the individual recurve event at the London Olympics.

Photo credit: AP
Photo credit: AP

The 24-year-old archer, who has just returned from a three-week training stint in South Korea, said he stand a chance in creating an upset in the team event.

“We’ll still maintain the focus on the individual recurve, but I can perform better in a team due to the support I can get.

“Even if we feel scared, the encouragement you receive from your teammates will strengthen your resolve and willpower,” said Khairul.

The national archery squad will travel to Rio tomorrow to begin adjustment training sessions.


Khairul Anuar: I fulfilled my father’s dying wish


National archer Khairul Anuar Mohamad was grateful in meeting the expectations of his father to qualify for the Rio Olympics in the team event. Khairul’s father, Mohamad Said, 60 has passed away earlier this month, few days before he flew to Antalya, Turkey to clinch the last qualifying spot for the team event.

“Even though I have secured qualification for the singles event last year, I know my father strongly wished for me to take part in the team event in Rio as well.”

“He told me on his deathbed to maintain focus on the competition. This is my gift to him,” said the archer who will be making his 2nd appearance in the Olympic Games after London 2012, as quoted by Harian Metro.

Khairul Anuar teamed up with Haziq Kamaruddin and Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin to secure a ticket to Rio for the national team after they finished third in the qualifying rounds.


Skuad Memanah Paralimpik raih perak di Republik Czech


Selepas gagal meraih sebarang kejayaan pada Kejohanan Kelayakan Sukan Paralimpik Rio, skuad memanah recurve elit paralimpik negara berjaya meraih pingat perak dalam Kejohanan Ranking Memanah Para 2016 di Nove Mesto, Republik Czech, semalam.

Skuad negara yang terdiri daripada Hasihin Sanawi, Ahmad Jaffry Jamaluddin dan Daneshen Govinda Rajan menunjukkan aksi cemerlan untuk melangkah ke peringkat akhir.

Namun, perjuangan mereka disekat oleh pasukan Thailand yang terdiri daripada Boonyarit Chaipoon, Hanreuchai Netsiri dan Sakon Inkaew dengan hanya satu mata dalam penentuan ‘shoot-off’ 25-26 selepas terikat 4-4.

Skuad negara beraksi baik pada pusingan pertama apabila menumpaskan Mongolia 5-3 dan menewaskan Russia 6-2 di peringkat suku akhir.

Rentak cemerlang mereka diteruskan apabila berjaya menewaskan Jepun 5-3 di separuh akhir.

Nasib berbeza diterima skuad compound lelaki negara yang terdiri daripada Mohd Zafi Rahman Mat Saleh, Yuhaizam Yahaya dan Azrul Abdul Rashid apabila perjuangan mereka tersekat di peringkat suku akhir.

Skuad negara tewas kepada barisan pemanah Russia yang dianggotai Ruslan Ramazanov, Ivan Kozlov dan Aleksander Zubar dari Russia 198-224. Mereka menewaskan pasukan Slovakia di pusingan pertama 215-209.


Pemanah negara lepasi ujian pertama untuk misi layak ke Rio

Khairul Anuar

Skuad memanah lelaki negara melepasi ujuian pertama dalam usaha mereka untuk layak ke Sukan Olimpik Rio de Janeiro pada bulan Ogos ini.

Khairul Anuar Mohd, Haziq Kamaruddin dan Muhd Ikram Joni mengumpulkan mata 1,971 untuk menamatkan saingan di tempat kelapan dan seterusnya layak ke pusingan kalah mati 16 terbaik Kejohanan Kelayakan Akhir di Antalya, Turkey pada hari Khamis.

Skuad memanah India yang terdiri daripada Atanu Das, Jayanta Talukda dan Rahul Banerjee mengetuai 15 pasukan yang lain ke pusingan kalah mati pada hari Khamis sebagai pasukan pilihan selepas mendapat 2,008 mata.

Ernesto Boardman, Luis Alvarez dan Oldair Zamora membawa pasukan Mexico ke tempat kedua dengan 2,003 mata manakala wakil Jerman Florian Kahllund, Florian Floto dan Carlo Schmitz mengumpul 1,999 mata di tempat ketiga.

Khairul dan rakan-rakannya akan bertemu pilihan kesembilan, Ukraine yang diketuai pemenang pingat emas Olimpik Beijing Viktor Ruban. Jika Malaysia menang, mereka akan bertemu pasukan nombor 10 dunia, India di peringkat suku akhir.

Malaysia perlu menamatkan pertandingan di tiga pasukan terbaik untuk layak ke Rio.

Khairul satu-satunya pemanah Malaysia yang telah layak ke Rio. Dia melayakkan diri menerusi acara perseorangan dalam Kejohanan Asian di Bangkok pada November lalu.

Malaysia tidak pernah gagal layak ke acara berpasukan lelaki sejak Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008.


Juwaidi prepared to tackle Archery World Cup challenge


National compound archer, Juwaidi Mazuki will not be setting high-expectations for the China Archery World Cup despite his excellent performance at the Asian Cup in Thailand, last month.

Juwaidi went on to claim the bronze medal in the individual event while he managed to clinch the silver medal in the team event alongside fellow countrymates – Zulfadli Ruslan and Lee Kin Yip.

“I don’t want to set high expectations for this competition because there’ll be plenty of world-class archers competing in it,” he told Harian Metro.

Photo Credit: The Star online
Photo Credit: The Star online

“My job right now, is to keep calm and maintain my focus throughout the competition. We’ve prepared well and I hope my journey in Shanghai goes smoothly as well,” he added.

Fatin Nurfatehah Mat Salleh will be accompanying Juwaidi in the World Cup, which is scheduled to get underway today.