“Any local companies interested in sponsoring aquatics?” – KJ

That was the question posed by Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin on Twitter today.

The minister posed the question in light of national diver Cheong Jun Hoong’s victory at the FINA World Aquatics Championship that took place in Budapest, Hungary, just a few days back.

Cheong Jun Hoong made history when she became the first ever Malaysian to win gold medal at the championship.

“Look at the sponsors for FINA World Championship! Since we now have a world champ, any local companies interested in sponsoring aquatics?” the minister tweeted.

“Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM) could do with sponsors, or naming rights for National Aquatics Centre or endorse the diving team.”

“Point is, Cheong Jun Hoong, Pandelela Rinong, and Angela Leong have demonstrated world class performance & shown sport not just about football & badminton.”


Khairy Jamaluddin then went on to praise MAS (Malaysia Airlines) for awarding Pandelela and Nur Dhabitah a four-year sponsorship, from 2016 all the way to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games.

“Even MAS who are not facing their best days can throw something at our divers. Let’s see other companies step up.” the minister added.

“Marketing Partners for USA Swimming. US world class in swimming. Malaysia world class in diving. Support!”


WATCH: Jun Hoong takes the podium as ‘Negaraku’ comes on in Budapest

Malaysian diver Cheong Jun Hoong created history after becoming the first ever Malaysian win gold medal at the FINA World Championships in Budapest.

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“History has been made” – Jun Hoong wins Malaysia’s first ever gold at Worlds

[Video Credit: Sports Malaysia]


“History has been made” – Jun Hoong wins Malaysia’s first ever gold at Worlds


History has been made!

Malaysian diver Cheong Jun Hoong has clinched the country’s first ever gold medal at the ongoing World Aquatics Championships in Budapest.

She triumphed in the 10m platform event with 397.50 points, finishing ahead Si Yajie (396.00) and reigning Olympic champion Ren Qian (391.95).

“My god, I’m a World Champion! I hoped for a medal, but I didn’t think I could beat the Chinese divers,” she was quoted as saying by NST Online.

This is the first time a Malaysian diver has managed to outclass Chinese divers, who have always been traditional powerhouses in this event.

Congratulations Cheong Jun Hoong!


Pandelela-Jun Hoong clinch bronze at World Aquatics in Hungary

National divers Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong made Malaysia proud as they successfully secured a podium finish at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest on Sunday.

The duo, Pandelela and Cheong Jun Hoong, clinched bronze after amassing 328.74 points in women’s 10m platform event.

China finished on top and bagged the gold medal via Ren Qian and Si Yajie who scored 352.56 points.

North Korea secured silver after Kim Mi Rae-Kim Kuk Hyang finished with 336.48 points.

National diving coach Yang Zhuliang expressed that he is happy with his team’s performance, especially since they just recovered from injuries and fought hard to secure a medal.

“I am very happy with the pair. They defied the odds by coming back from injuries to finish on the podium,” NST quoted Yang Zhuliang as saying.


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Bekas juara Olimpik Michael Phelps akan berenang menentang Great White Shark


Memenangi pingat emas Olimpik? Sudah.

Memecahkan rekod dunia? Sudah.

Jadi, apa lagi yang boleh memuaskan hati perenang terhebat sepanjang zaman, Michael Phelps? Nampaknya dia sudah muak berenang menentang manusia dan mahu bertanding dengan seekor haiwan laut yang cukup bengis dan terkenal.

Perenang Amerika Syarikat dengan 23 pingat emas Olimpik itu akan bertanding menentang seekor jerung putih (Great White Shark) sebagai salah satu dari rancangan sempena ‘Shark Week’ yang akan disiarkan oleh Discovery Channel.

Pertandingan yang digelar “Great Gold vs Great White” itu dijangka akan menjadi satu pertandingan berenang di mana Phelps mungkin tewas.

Dalam satu siaran media dari saluran tersebut menyatakan:

“Mereka adalah salah satu pemangsa yang paling pantas dan efisien: Jerung.

“Dia merupakan juara paling hebat di dalam air: Michael Phelps.

“39 rekod dunia, 23 pingat emas Olimpik.

“Tetapi dia mempunyai satu lagi pertandingan untuk dimenangi.

“Satu acara yang cukup bersejarah dan tidak pernah dilakukan oleh sesiapa.

“Atlet paling hebat du dunai akan menentang pemangsa paling efisien di laut: Phelps vs Jerung – perlumbaan akan diadakan!”

Kelajuan Phelps dilaporkan selaju 6mph, tetapi seekor jerung putih mampu berenang selaju 25 mph, jadi nampaknya mungkin kali ini Phelps perlu berusaha lebih jika mahu menang.

Photo credit: Instagram Michael Phelps

Phelps sempat menunjukkan apa yang bakal dihadapinya dalam satu gambar di Instagram peribadinya.

Untuk mengetahui keputusan pertandingan ini, penyokong Phelps dan Great White Shark perlu menunggu sehingga 23 Julai untuk mengetahui siapa bakal bergelar raja di lautan nanti.




Welson Sim: Five things you should know about Malaysia’s swimming sensation


While England U20 World Cup triumph and Rafael Nadal’s 10th French Open victory dominated sporting headlines all over the world on Sunday, a Kota Samarahan boy from Malaysia pulled off a stunning upset by beating Olympic champion Mark Horton in the 400m freestyle event at the Mare Nostrum Tour Swimming Championship in Monaco. It was a stunning feat for a swimmer who has made impeccable strides in the last two years, though he has had to work extremely hard to scale these heights. To commemorate his immaculate feat, here are five things you know about Welson Sim!

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Welson was exposed to water from the tender age of 7, but it wasn’t until 10 when he officially started swimming lessons. But it didn’t take him long to get himself accustomed though – merely one year later, Welson made his competitive debut in the President Cup swimming competition as an 11 year-old swimmer. From that moment, there was no turning back. He participated in competitions after competitions and started building a reputation for himself in the national aquatic scene.


In a fascinating interview with DSA Swim Team, Welson revealed one of the key ingredients behind his success from a young age. According to Welson, his parents never placed any pressure on his shoulders, which meant that there was absolutely no expectations for him, heading into competitions as a kid. This turned out to be a huge boost for Welson, who could then progress at his own pace and ensure that expectations are managed carefully. In fact, Welson even thinks unnecessary pressure is a huge problem that needs proper caution and care from parents.

Photo Credit: DSA Swim Team


Welson suffers from asthma and his condition was relatively severe when he was a lot younger, which led to him being hospitalized on several occasions as a kid. But his mother opted to not let that deter her son from pursuing sports and decided to enrol him into swimming. “There was once I was in the water, and suddenly my body felt very tired, very weak. And I felt the water was very cold. In the end, I persisted in swimming. After swimming, my body warmed up, I felt better,” he told Milo during a video interview in June 2015. He continues to have asthma today, though the attacks are no longer as frequent and bad as they used to be.


Athletes will always have different answers for this particular question but as far as Welson Sim is concerned, it’s 10% physical training and 90% mental toughness. In fact, he splits it into two parts. “When you are in preparation mode, your focus is on the physical ability and about 10% on mental strength, whereas at a competition, only about 10% is on your physical ability as your training will automatically take over,” he told DSA Swim team. He remains a huge proponent of sports psychology and believes that it plays a huge role in building champions from a young age.

Photo Credit: Malay Mail Online


Welson’s first international breakthrough came at the 2015 SEA Games, when he won bronze in the 200m freestyle before going on to break the SEA Games record en route to winning the 400m freestyle. One year later, Welson exceeded expectations at the 47th Singapore National Age Group (SNAG) Swimming Championships, winning the 200m and 400m freestyle to officially secure his Rio Olympic spots for both events. Now, fresh after beating Olympic champion Mark Horton for gold in Monaco, Welson will be switching his attention towards the upcoming SEA Games, where he is aspiring to clinch three gold medals in the 200m, 400m and 1500m freestyle events.


“Go four or go home” – Malaysian divers hopeful of strong showing at FINA World Diving Series

Because why stop at two when you can have four?

Spurred by the stellar performance by Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong in China just a few weeks back, national diving coach Yang Zhuliang feels like it’s about time he raised the benchmark.

Pandelela Rinong, together with fellow diver Cheong Jun Hoong, clinched bronze at the second leg of the FINA World Diving Series 2017 held in Guangzhou between 9th and 11th of March. The duo bagged the medal in the women’s 10m platform synchronised event.

Pandelela and Cheong Jun Hoong claimed the silver in the same event in the first leg a week before that.

The third leg of the World Diving Series will be held at in Kazan, Russia, and coach Yang Zhuliang is looking to secure a total of four medals with this diving team. Pandelela Rinong will be competing alongside her fellow divers, Cheong Jun Hoong, Ng Yan Yee, and Nur Dhabitah Sabri.

“I believe all four divers are well prepared to ace the third leg of the World Diving Series, and I think they can do much better than they did in the first two legs.” Yang Zhuliang told Astro Arena.

“Not just in the world diving series, I think they have the potential to secure a medal in any future championships, whether alone or in a team.”

AquaticsKL 2017Swimming

Double Joy: Welson Sim sends strong warning to SEA Games rivals


Malaysian swimmer Welson Sim sent a strong warning to his SEA Games rivals after producing a stunning performance to clinch two gold medals at the recently concluded Singapore National Age-Group Swimming Championships.

The 19 year-old, who swam at the Rio Olympics last year, won gold in the 200m freestyle event in the 18 year-old and above class with a time of 1:49.27. Singapore’s Yeo Kai Quan finished a close second in 1:49.37 while another Singaporean swimmer Pang Sheng Jun came in third with a time of 1:51.33.

On Saturday, he went on to perform admirably to clinch the 400m freestyle gold in the 18 year-old and above event with a time of 3:52.89. His time was effectively one second quicker than the time he clocked at the 2015 SEA Games – 3:53.97

Perwira Aflah from Indonesia clinched silver in 3:55.88, while Sheng Jun clinched his second bronze of the championship by finishing third with a time of 3:55.91.



Khoo Cai Lin perlu jalani pembedahan, tidak akan beraksi di Sukan SEA KL


Nampaknya kita tidak akan dapat melihat seorang bintang sukan negara beraksi di Sukan SEA Kuala Lumpur Ogos ini.

Ini pastinya satu berita yang mengecewakan terutamanya di saat Malaysia mahu merangkul pingat emas sebanyak yang mungkin dan menjadi juara keseluruhan Sukan SEA KL nanti.

Cai Lin perlu jalani pembedahan

Perenang wanita utama Malaysia bagi jarak sederhana dan jauh, Khoo Cai Lin telah mendedahkan bahawa dia terpaksa menjalani pembedahan awal Mei nanti disebabkan scoliosis.

Scoliosis adalah apabila tulang belakang yang biasanya lurus ke bawah membengkok ke tepi berbanding kebiasaannya di tengah.

Cai Lin menyatakan bahawa selepas menjalani pembedahan tersebut dan memerlukan jangka masa sehingga tiga bulan untuk pulih sepenuhnya.

Ini merupakan satu tamparan hebat buat Cai Lin yang pastinya mahu membuat penampilan Sukan SEA kelapannya dan di hadapan penyokong Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur pada bulan Ogos nanti.

Bercakap kepada The Star, Cai Lin berkata: “Sebab kenapa saya mahu menjalani pembedahan adalah disebabkan scoliosis saya semakin teruk. Saya telah menangguhkan pembedahan sebelum ini disebabkan kerjaya renang saya.

“Saya perlu berehat selama sebulan tanpa melakukan apa-apa dan seterusnya menjalani proses pemulihan selepas itu. Jadi, saya tidak akan dapat beraksi dalam Sukan SEA KL Ogos ini.

“Saya mahu beraksi dalam Sukan SEA di tempat sendiri dan mendapat pingat kerana sebelum ini saya tidak berpeluang…Malangnya ia tidak akan terjadi.

Cai Lin merupakan pemegang rekod kebangsaan bagi acara 200m, 400m dan 800m gaya bebas serta 200m gaya kupu-kupu.

Perenang kelahiran Selangor ini telah memenangi lima pingat emas Sukan SEA sejak kali pertama turut serta pada tahun 2003 di Hanoi.

Di Singapura dua tahun lalu, Cai Lin terpaksa menarik diri dari acara 800m gaya bebas selepas kecederaan tonsil, namun dia berjaya merangkul pingat perak dalam acara 400m gaya bebas dua hari kemudian.


Ketiadaan Cai Lin perlu diambil sebagai satu pembakar semangat buat perenang lain untuk menggantikan tempatnya. Tiada alasan untuk perenang lain lemah semangat dan menjadikan ketiadaan Cai Lin sebagai alasan untuk tidak bangkit dan menunjukkan kehebatan mereka.

Beraksi di laman sendiri seharusnya menjadi pembakar semangat buat sesiapa pun yang akan menggantikan tempat Cai Lin nanti.

Mungkin ketiadaan Cai Lin akan membantu melahirkan perenang baru yang akan mampu memberi saingan dan memecahkan rekod kebangsaan atau mungkin rekod Sukan SEA di Kuala Lumpur Ogos ini.


Pandelela & Jun Hoong clinch bronze at FINA World Championship in China

Malaysian diving queen Pandelela Rinong has just clinched her second big win of the year.

Pandelela Rinong, together with fellow diver Cheong Jun Hoong, clinched bronze at the second leg of the FINA World Diving Series 2017 held in Guangzhou.

The victory was announced on Pandelela Rinong’s official Twitter account, and has garnered a lot of attention from her fans, who took to social media to congratulate the duo.

Photo: FINA website

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