This Chinese labourer’s workout routine could be the next big thing

Photo: Reuters via Malay Mail

A humble Chinese migrant worker has been thrust into the spotlight for his self-taught fitness routines and gymnastics prowess.

The 23-year old Shi Shenwei works out at the construction site where he also works, doing pull-ups, chin-up pull overs, back up circles, all on the scaffolding. His filming is done using smartphones, and his cousin films most of his workouts, employing multiple angles.

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter

He now has more than a million followers on the Chinese app Kuaishou, and has been invited to participate in multiple mega talent shows. His social media followers know him as  “Brick Carrier Little Wei”.

Once weak and feeble, Shi was inspired by an online video promoting street workouts, which gave him the idea that workouts can be done anywhere. He relentlessly started working out at the construction site he worked at.

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter

“I found another self through body-building, a source of energy that came from within,” he said. “Online gaming could never give me that.” Shi told Reuters.

“While other people are eating and singing karaoke, I’m whole-heartedly focused on what I want to do,”

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Looks like he found the perfect way to keep himself going on a 10-hour day job. Shi also plans to open up his own gym one day, and help out young men who face self-esteem and image issues like he did.

Watch him here:


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