Twitter destroys Brendan Rodgers after painful defeat to Stoke

Liverpool fans were on the verge of ripping their heads off yesterday during the match against Stoke City.

Fans were already in a depressed mode following the departure of ex-captain and Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard. Things gotten worse after the Reds were thrashed 1-3 by Crystal Palace, handing Gerrard a rather faulty goodbye match. Much in despair already, the match yesterday was only a matter of adding salt to their wound as they were heavily demolished 6-1 by Stoke.

Just before half time, Liverpool were already obliterated 5-0 by Stoke. To round up the exasperation, the Reds were ultimately battered to a disheartening defeat of 1-6.

Not entirely the best day for the Kop, or even the players.

In fact, it was predominantly the black day for club manager Brendan Rodgers.

The social media was reacting rather bitterly to the defeat, claiming that Liverpool should not have been displaying such game play and the match was no doubt an epitome of unnecessary embarrassment, alongside proclaiming their wishes to have Rodgers out of the team.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

The golden tweet would probably go to….

I don’t think that the Liverpool fandom would be leaving him alone any time soon.


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